Peter Kavka

Peter Kavka

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Peter spent 12 years in the highest professional football environment, where he collected starts in European competitions. He has accumulated a wealth of experience from various training methods and styles, which he knows how to navigate and apply in his work with clients. In his coaching profession, Peter is constantly educate himself to help you achieve your goals, with your weight loss, gaining muscle mass or building all fitness abilities, but also with various health problems, post-traumatic and post-operative conditions. At the same time he can help you with orientation in the area of ​​healthy nutrition and a holistic healthy lifestyle.


  • Bachelor degree of sport and recreation
  • EXOS performance specialist (USA)
  • Physiological training
  • Rehab-u movement & performance therapy
  • Strength training for fat loss and conditioning
  • Hypertrophy Conference (AUT)
  • EXOS performance specialist (USA)
  • Client diagnostics
  • Trainer certificate – Level I fitness trainer – Issued by IES London school
  • Trainer certificate – Level I condition trainer – Issued by IES London school
  • Working with obese clients
  • DNS sport-course I (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization) – Issued by - Rehabilitation Prague School
  • Powerlifting school
  • Squat school
  • Real Diagnostics
  • Best trainings plans
  • Modern nutrition
  • How to reach your natural MAXIMUM
  • Certificate of basic sports training


  • Worked as a physical trainer for a professional football club
  • Been personal trainer for football players playing for Premier League, Bundesliga, Seria A, Eredivisie, Major Soccer League, Ekstraklasa, Slovak & Czech first league and others sports
  • Experiences with various muscosceletar desorders, injuries and post-operative conditions
  • Hypertrophy and weight loss cases
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